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Hi Everyone,

Well what an adventure we have had since heading south from Lizard Island in early October.  Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, visiting beautiful Sandy Cays, walking deserted beaches for miles and miles, collecting the most amazing shells, catching gigantic fish, spearing huge painted crayfish (Yummy), meeting people from all walks of life and sailing the beautiful Coral Sea.  I think Mackenzie figured out that by the time we reach Noosa we will have travelled over 2500 nautical miles !!! Not bad for a first time Crew !!

At the moment we are sitting at the Keppel’s preparing  to head to the reef and the islands that make up the Capricorn  and Bunker Group, you may have heard of  Heron Island? These group of island make up the most Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef and end at Lady Elliot island  just north east of Bundaberg.

The last 12 days have been amazing, we were lucky enough to stay at Scawfel Island for four nights and spent two lovely days lazing on the beach.  There were turtle nests and tracks everywhere we saw large turtles making their way to shore.  The kids even swam with a few.  Tully a magic place……………….

We then sailed to The Percy Islands, where we placed our sign “Somerset Cat” artfully designed by the kids and made with shells collected on our journey, in the A frame at Middle Percy Island.  We also hung a “Somerset Cat Crew Shirt” with the names of two wonderful men in our lives, firstly my dad, Bryan Lambert Cameron “Poppy” and Jeff Hardwick “farmer Jeff” to show that they had travelled with us in spirit and watched over us, for a safe journey.  It was very emotional for me……….if only they could have experienced this time with us………now their names are in a special place on the Percy Islands.

The Percy family is diverse and has a mixed history, we were lucky enough to meet Kate and her husband John who now reside at the Homestead, Kate is the niece of Andy who lived on the island for over 30 years and who established the famous A Frame for all who sail and travel the sea.  Ernst, Kate, Frank, Steve, John and Kate, the Mackay Water Police, three other yachts from Australia and one from Mexico all enjoyed a wonderful evening of Goat Stew (butchered early that morning), merriment and songs by the camp fire.

We all helped prepare the Goat Stew, chopping vegies, collecting wood, Ernst climbed the coconut trees for coconuts – his secret ingredient in the stew and the A Frame was alive with activity, laughter and friendship.  What wonderful memories……….

The following day, Lauren, David and Mac were picked up in an old ute aptly named “Rocky” on the beach and taken on a tour of the island.  Visiting Cockatoo Rock, Castle Rock and the cave formations and beautiful Whites Bay, then treated to lunch at the homestead courtesy of Kate & John.  I’m sure it will be an experience they will never forget.

We left Percy Island feeling like family, our hearts heavy as we sailed past and radioed in a final farewell and many thanks from “Somerset Cat”.  All of us looking forward to returning someday…………………………………………………….


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