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Hi everyone its Mac here

Over the past 2 weeks we have travelled from the Whitsunday’s to the Keppel’s

We left Airlie Beach and sailed to Long Island Resort.  We went to the resort for a swim, I feed rainbow lorikettes and had a really hot spa.  Dad and I played catch in the pool. There were wallabies at the resort, it was the first time we saw wallabies since Stradbroke Island.

It was very rough the next day so we sailed to Brampton Island and went to visit the resort but it was closed. They still had TV’s and mattress in the hotel rooms and the pool was empty and full of leaves and the old kids club had all these kids board  games in it. They even had little sailing catamarans and jet skis just sitting there…

At Scawfel island we went snorkelling and speared one crayfish but couldn’t find anymore. The next day we had a relaxing day on the beach and swam with a turtle off the rocks.  There were lots of turtle tracks.

From the Whitsunday’s we headed to the Percy’s, at Middle Percy there are people living on the

island and they are very friendly and they cooked us goat stew.  I drank coconut milk and sang with my guitar around the camp fire. The people on the island had a dog that was a border collie crossed with a dingo her name was diamond. She was really cool.  There were three pet baby goats, and lots of other animals like baby peacocks, chooks, bees, goats and deer. I really liked the Percy’s it was one of my favourite places to visit on out trip.

From there we headed to Pearl Bay at Shoalwater bay that was boring, and it was rollie. On the way we hooked a massive Spanish Mackerel it took us half an hour to wind in and it was just off the sugar scoop, nearly close enough for dad to gaff it, but it spat the lure, looked up at us and swam away.  We were all very disappointed that it got away.

The next day we headed of to Great Keppel  Island.  When we got there we had pizza over on the island for dinner, it was very tasty because they had a puffey crust and lots of bbq sauce……….yumm..

We are at the keppels now and preparing to head to the reef tomorrow, im looking forward to it

That’s all for now mac




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