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Well as you have all heard by know we have made it down to the Keppel’s. We are currently anchored on the southern side of Great Keppel at “long beach “trying to hide from the Northerly winds. We have been over to Rosslyn Bay to re supply and wash down the boat. We also needed to do a couple of repairs, we lost a fridge unit whilst we where at the Percy’s so we needed to get it fixed, unfortunately it was not repairable so a replacement was ordered and installed, certainly money that we would have had to have in the bank with Xmas very quickly approaching. The outboard motor on the tender has been playing up a bit and needs some repairs to the starter motor. I have it working again and it is not a major and we will get it fixed properly when we get back to Noosa.

Our plan is to head out to the reef tomorrow (Friday 25th) and spend 3 or 4 nights working our way south through the reef.  We hope to do some more snorkelling, fishing and hopefully get a feed of Cray’s as well. This will be our last opportunity, as from there we will sail straight to either Bundy or to Hervey Bay, re supply the boat. From they’re inside Fraser Island for a few days and then across the Wide Bay Bar and on to Noosa. We should be safely anchored in the Noosa River in around 2 weeks. (230 naut miles as the crow fly’s)  I will try and get some work over the Xmas and New-year period and if it works out we may even put Mac in school for first term next year?? At this stage we have not got any firm plans. We will spend Xmas catching up with much-missed friends and family and go from there!!

This will be my last blog for a week or so, until we get down to Bundy or Hervey Bay. There is no phone/internet service out at the reef (another reason it is the best place to be)

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  1. Errol Suttor says:

    I cant believe that the time has gone so quickly and you have covered so much of the Qld coastline.By now you will have confirmed that we definately live in the best part of the world.
    We are well apart from more sun spots being cut out of me.Lauraine is back in hospital as her cancer problems wont leave her alone.

    We will be having a quiet Xmas this year as Luke is going to Hobart with Carla staying with her family and most of the cousins will be scattered all over so just the immediate family at Burleigh.We will definately catch up for drinks and nibblies.
    Stay safe and love to all Errol.

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