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Hi all and Happy Australia Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well we are still in not so sunny Noosa. Mac has started school again and we are all getting back into a relitivley normal life. It has been good to catch up with all our freinds and find out what they have been up to and the share our adventures with them . We will be heading to the Noosa Marina next week and we will stay there for the next three or so months. I have some work coming up a a few resorts around Noosa and we will be doing a few jobs on the boat, getting her ready for sailing up north again.

Jo and I have been looking through some of the video and photos from the last year and have been posting them on You Tube so I encourage you all to have a look and subscribe (put in Our Sea Adventure or smithsnoosa in the search on You Tube”  or go to the video link on our web site) as our plan is to keep posting videos from our last adventure and to post them  as we sail north later in the year. Some of the videos will be of action stuff like sailing, fishing, snorkeling etc, some will be of Jo’s fabulous photos with her poems and some will be of family life at sea including the places we visit and what all of us including Sam has been getting up to. It will be a great way of getting a feel of what life is like living on a boat.

Anyway there seems to be a break in the weather I better go and and see what the our freinds are doing for Australia Day.

Untill next time Happy Sailing,


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  1. Denise Harris says:

    HI Adam & family,
    My name will probably not mean anything to you but I caught up with your Mum &Dad at Aunty Jean’s funeral on Wednesday 25/01, I am your second cousin Denise the daughter of Phylis your aunt who was Lilly’s sister.
    Mum gave me your website and told me all about your fantastic adventures, so I decided to look for myself and as soon as I opened the site and seen the photos I could see you look so much like your dad in his younger day but have the same hairstyle as Barry!!!!!!
    while your daughters have a big resemblence to your Mum.
    What a wonderful lifestyle you must be having and everyone looks so happy and relaxed, i bet you are not on any blood pressure tablets! the Christmas photos are great, but it certainly has been a bad summer weather wise, and I believe it is again raining heavy in the area, how long have you had this lifestyle? Mum said your brother is going to do the same thing, Grandpa Sam would of been jealous!!
    Well that is all from me for the minute until you get over the shock of the contact, but I’ll look forward to looking at your website and tracking your family adventures. It has been great to catch up with you,take care until we speak again -Denise

    • smith says:

      Hi Denise,
      Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. We have been living on our boat now for around 18 months and it has certainly been an adventure. Last year we cruised as far north as Lizard Island which is around 100 miles north of Cooktown in far north Qld. We absolutely loved north Qld, the weather in winter is fantastic and the water was crystal clear and full of fish. The kids loved sknorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. We followed Captain Cooks Journey and walked to the top of Cooks look out and stood where he stood to find his way through the reef. I personally admire the early explorers as they travelled through the reef making charts as they went, no electronics, no GPS, nothing, just the desire to explore. I guess we are a little bit the same!!
      We are currently back at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and plan to stay here for the next few months, doing a bit of work on the boat getting ready to head north again once the weather settles down. Our yongest son Mac is back at school so we are currently leading a relatively normal life, but looking forward to the freedom of sailing again. It is a funny thing that the boating life and the sea has got into our blood, as you said I think that Grandpa Sam would have been very happy with our lfe.

      It must have been nice to catch up with relatives and freinds that you have not seen for a while, mum and dad said the it was a nice celebration of Jean’s life.

      Feel free to contact us at any time and thank you so much for following our journey. If you wanted to see more, we are starting to upload short videos of our family and trip on You Tube you can find our You Tube Channel ‘Our Sea Adventure’ or on the link http://www.youtube.com/user/smithsnoosa?feature=mhee, the videos are also on the website. Lovely to hear from you,
      Thanks again,
      Adam and Family

  2. Lisa Wood says:

    Hi Adam,
    That sounds so exciting – travelling in a boat! We have thought about doing that in a few years time.
    Will be checking out your youtube channel, and going through your posts…be so great to read what you and your family are doing!

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