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Hi all,
Well we are finally on our way north. We Left Noosa on Monday the 4th of June and had a easy crossing of Noosa bar, we then settled in for the sail north to Double island Point and the Wide Bay Bar. A fairly uneventful sail until we hit Double Island point, we had a big strike on one of our rods and it must have been big, as it spooled me and I lost a brand new lure!! Then as we rounded the point a big gust of wind hit the wind generator and snapped the shaft, Bugger!!. The Wide Bay bar was a bit rough as normal but a pretty easy crossing over it as well. It is always good to get both the bars out of the way. Once we crossed we headed for Gary’s Anchorage inside Fraser Island and anchored for the night.
The next morning we headed off around 7.30 headed up the Sandy Straights and on to Burrnett Heads.

It was all good until we got into the bay, 15 knot      westerly wind
straight on the nose, with a short sharp swell to   come with it. Basically it was a day that we where pleased to see the back of. We finally anchored in the Burnett river around 7.30pm, 12 hours after we set off, a quick dinner and off to bed.

Wednesday we headed off from Burnett Heads around 7am and headed north towards Pancake Creek, 8 knots most of the way, wind dropped towards the end and we anchored in the outer anchorage at Pancake around 5pm, just in time to watch a wonderful sunset.

From Pancake we headed north again and unfotunately there was not a lot of wind (although they forecast 15knots) so we motor sailed most of the day and eventually dropped anchor at Hummocky Island around 4pm. It was supposed to blow 10-15 knots from the south but by the time we went to the beach and got back to the boat we where being blow back towards the shore by a North Westerly? We rode it out and eventually the wind swung to the south east, but unfortunalely with it came the swell. It was very crappy and by 11pm we had had enough, Jo and I pulled up anchor and headed for Great Keppel Island some 18 miles away. I was a bit rough getting out of Hummocky Island but after that we sailed with just the Head Sail at around 5 – 6 knots and finally dropped anchor  at Leekes beach around 3am and hit the bunks.

We woke up the next morning to a strong South easterly wind and moved to boat to the more protected anchorage at Svendsen’s beach. Mac as normal sleep through the whole night and was quite surprised to be in the Keppels. We had drinks with a friend that we met last year, Virginia and her new crew menber Jessica from SV Overproof, it was great to catch up and see that she is looking so well. What a remarkable woman, it is always great to here about her adventures and share stories. We certainly have a lot to learn from experienced sailors like her.

There is a strong wind warning at the moment so we will have to stay here untill probably Monday as the next couple of anchorages are not as protected and with the chance of 30 knot plus winds better to be safe. We will head for Pearl Bay and then the Percys, as per normal the weather will determine when we go. My brother Jason and his family are currently in the Whitsundays and we hope to catch them there in around a week.

Untill next time stay safe.





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    Hi everyone, love the Keppel Islands

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