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Hi All,

Just a qick update, we are safley moored at the Marina at Mackay in central Queensland. We have spent the last few day with out phone or internet service cruising from the Keppels up through Freshwater Bay, then Pearl bay. We then sailed around the milatary area at Shoalwater and anchored at Marble Island, from there onto Digby Island and yesterday we sailed the last 40 miles into Mackay. We have had a great time exploring the beaches of all the anchorages along the way.   Mac found a huge shell on the beach at Freshwater bay and we watched a navy landing craft droping off supplies and equipment to the Camp located at Freshwater. The anchorage at Digby island was alive with fish and Jo ho0ked up a couple of monsters, one broke her off, one broke her rod in half!! and the third time we used one of the boat rods and she hooked up again, I took over and fought the fish for almost an hour. It kept taking line and I worked it back towards the boat and out it would go again, eventually it headed under the boat and the line rubbed against the keel and off it went, Dam!!. I would have liked to know what it was, there was a few big Tuna jumping, chasing Gar Fish (which where jumping onto the back of the boat), my other guess would be some sort of shark, anyway it was a lot of fun.

We washed the boat yesterday and today we are going to re supply the boat and catch up with some friends Karen and Scott and Emm and Ricky that moved to Mackay from Noosa earlier in the year. Mac is allready off the boat and staying at their place, as Ricky was his best mate at school and he was looking forward to catching up.

We plan to head off again on Sunday, straight up to the Whitsundays to catch up with my brother Jason and his family and from there who knows??

Anyway we better go to the shops and get some supplies, (lots of lures and wire traces!!!)

Untill next tme stay safe,


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  1. Rhonnie says:

    Hi Jo Adam Sam and Mack,
    Sounds like you are on to the “big fish” now!
    Dad would have loved to be there on the day you hooked that big one.
    We are so looking forward to seeing Lauren and meeting David for the first time, on the 5th July at mum’s.
    Take care.
    Hugs and kisses
    Rhonnie xx

  2. Lauren-ann Smith says:

    Hey guys!

    Omgosh it looks like your having fun!
    Mackenzie that shell is HUGE!! wish i could find one like that!.
    Miss you all and will be up to visit soon!

    Lauren. <3

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