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Hi All,

Long time no Blog,

Well a bit has happened since last time, we have caught up with Jason, Michelle and their boys Liam, and Kyle, they where hanging in the Whitsunday’s waiting for us to catch up. We caught up with them on the 18th of June and spent the day at Butterfly bay on the northern end of Hook Island. We also ducked around the corner to Manta Ray Bay and had a great snorkel with a couple of big Maori Wrasse that we where hand feeding and a couple of Big GT’s that where hanging around, very cool! We still had Mac’s best mate Ricky with us and I think he enjoyed the time spent in the water as well.  The kids also got a bit adventurous and much to the horror of their mothers climbed up a huge rock at Luncheon Bay.  From there we had a half-day at Blue Pearl Bay and some more snorkelling and exploring and then spent the night at Cid Harbour. The next day we took both boats into Hamilton Island to show the kids the Island and have some time on land. The first day was great, the weather was ok and the kids swam in the Lagoon Pool (bit cool in for the adults) and skateboarded around the Island. All in all lots of fun. Unfortunately the next day was rainy and the kids spent most of the day playing on their computers.  We did have a really nice meal at the Manta Ray Café that evening, the Pizza’s where fantastic. It was a great treat and something we don’t do that often. From there we headed to Airlie Beach to drop Ricky off and get some supplies before we headed north. We anchored on the Cannonvale side of Pioneer Bay and I dropped the crew into shore to walk to the shops and get supplies. Luckily Ricky’s mum and dad, Karen and Scott hung around and dropped the crew and all the supplies back to the boat ramp.

The next day there was a strong wind warning and we had friends over in Gulnare Inlet so we thought that we would head over there to hide from the wind. Very bad idea!! As we rounded Pioneer Point and hit the Mole Channel the wind hit 40 Knots, Jason was motoring into it and we had the Head Sail out, Jason basically stoped and was getting flogged, we on the other hand where suddenly doing 10 knots and has waves breaking over the boat. I adjusted course to make it as pleasant as possible and we where heading northwest to Nara Inlet. It was a hell of a ride, stuff was flying everywhere, and we almost lost the outside seat cushions, I was wet and cold but having a lot of fun!!. Jason and Michelle on the other hand had decided to turn around and head back to the relative safety of Airlie. We did not want to leave them and we weren’t going to get to Gulnare so we got on the radio and decided to head to Woodwark bay, we new from last year that it was a very safe anchorage in high trade winds. An hour and a half later we were safely anchored and joking about our adventure. The lesson to be learnt from the day was don’t try and cross Mole Channel or Whitsunday passage in 40 knot winds with the tide against the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe,


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