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Hi Every One,

We are currently sitting at beautiful Magnetic Island off Townsville (28th June). We left Woodwark Bay on the 25th of June and headed off to Gloucester Passage and Montes Reef Resort, the sail was uneventful and we got there in time to have a good walk on the beach and then a couple of cool drinks at the resort. The resort reminds me a bit of the old Tipplers Resort on the Gold Coast, a bit old school but very friendly. In fact I like it there much more than the glitz and glitter of Hamo, and the beers are half the price! It was a great afternoon, just before dark Tony and Karen from SV Double Shot sailed in as well, it was good to catch up with them and swap sailing and fishing stories. In the morning we decided that we would head off north to Cape upstart, again a trouble free sail and we anchored just around the cape with enough time for a walk with the dogs before dark.

The next morning we headed off to Cape Bowling Green the wind was right on our rear so painful sailing but no problems, we got to Bowling green but Double Shot was already there and their recommendation was to sail onto Cape Cleveland off Townsville as there was a fair bit of swell at Bowling Green which would have made for a rough night at anchor, we all sailed on. It worked out Ok as there was a few fish around and all three boats managed to put some fresh fish in the fridge for dinner. Early the next morning Tony and Karen from Double Shot headed off early for Port Douglas and about and hour or so later Tres Amigo’s and Somerset Cat set off on the short 8-mile sail into Horseshoe Bay at Magnetic Island. We heard from Double Shot along the way as the managed to catch and release a 1.5 mt Blue Marlin. I was a shame for them that the world famous Somerset Cat V Double Shot, Lizard Island fishing comp had not started.

We got to Magnetic before lunch and went for a long walk along the beach with the kids and the dogs. Magnetic Island is a beautiful place and we look forward to having another look around over the next few days.

Until then stay safe.


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