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Hi again,

Well we have had a great few days a Magnetic Island, second day we put the boat on the beach and gave the bottom a bit of a clean as it was a bit green and horrible from being in the Noosa River over the summer. We scrubbed the bottom of the boat and I fitted new anodes on the prop shafts as well.  On the third day went for another walk along the beach and then decided to get the Knee Board and Wake boards out and take the kids for a board along the beach. It was a bit of fun but I am still very disappointed with the new 30hp 2 stroke outboard on the duck as it does not get on the plane as well as the old 25hp 4 stroke if there in any load. I am going to get it looked at when we get to Cairns and make sure it is performing, as it should be. On the fourth day we where lucky enough to be able to borrow a friends car and take both crews for a drive around the Island, we did the forts walk again. Jason and his family had not done the walk before and it is certainly worth the effort for the views and history. We where even lucky enough to see a Koala on the way out. After the forts walk we where all hungry so we went to the Picnic Bay hotel for a burger and a cool drink. We had a bit of a drive around the Island and then I dropped the car back to Ken and Mary (thanks heaps guys) and headed back to the boat. We had an invite from the Guys from Peggy-Anne a power cat with a past and headsail, quite a cool idea. They where having a dingy party at the back of their boat and they where going to set up a PA system and lights and sing a few tunes, Mac was invited to sing if he wanted. We got there a bit late but there was around 6 dinghies tied to the back of their boat with the people sitting in them listening to them sing whilst have a cool drink. Mac was invited straight up to sing and he plugged his new guitar in and joined in the fun. He had not sung in public for a few months so he was a bit nervous to start but after a little he got in the groove. It was a great night and we look forward to catching up with them again somewhere up the coast. The next day our friends Dave and Catherine and their daughters Emily and Alana from SV Ten who we tried to catch up with back in the Whitsunday’s sailed in and we organised to catch up with them that night. The girls got on the bus and went over to the IGA to get some supplies for the next leg of our Journey. We had a great night, all the kids playing the instruments and great company, lots of stories, part of why we love cruising!!

Tomorrow we head north again!!

Safe travels,



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