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Well more Bloody Wind,

We are safely anchored in number 1 creek at the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island it has been a wild few nights since we left Magnetic Island 5 days ago. The first night we spent in North East Bay on Great Palm Island, we anchored there just before dark and got in as close to shore as possible without getting to close to the bit of reef. Jason and Michelle had headed north to moor around the corner at the top of great Palm but found it to difficult to find a safe anchorage and headed back to where we where. It was very windy all night and our anchor dragged and we had a pretty rough night, but no major dramas. The next stop was Hazard Bay at Orpheaus Island, this is where the Resort is located, unfortunately the tide was so low that the reef becomes exposed and makes it impossible to get to shore. We went into the resort to see if we could go for a walk on their beach but was told that it was private property and we could not go to shore! Reasonable night sleep but quite rollie on the change of the tide. The next day we headed to Pioneer Bay at Orpheaus. There are four Marine Park moorings there and we secured the boats to them and then headed to shore to do the walk to the top of the hill above the anchorage. A bit of a rough walk, quite rocky, and lots of undergrowth. There were the remains of an old Sheppard’s hut along the track and the view from the top was worth the walk, we even saw a Manta Ray swimming peacefully along on the ocean side. I must have been very big to see it from where we where.  Even though we where attached to a mooring boy the night was very rough, side swell for a lot of the night and we felt quite nervous about having the reef so close if something did go wrong. After talking with Jason and Michelle it was decided that we would use the wind (strong wind warning) and sail around the outside of Hinchinbrook Island and head for the anchorage around Cape Richards, the plan was to have a look at the resort located there.  The anchorage looked ok if you tucked in close to the rocky shore just around the cape. Unfortunately the resort was closed, not sure if it was the cyclone or the economic climate that caused it. A real shame as the resort looked amazing.  Again a shitty night at anchor, side swell and broken sleep, I am getting a bit bored with the no sleep. We decided to go and hide for a few days until the weather calms down, so here we are in number 1 creek, great muddy bottom for anchoring, no swell, just the wind whistling though the rigging. The big bonus is Mud Crabs, big Mud Crabs, so far only 3 but all a good size and one monster. The down side is the thought of the crocs that are lurking around the place, have not seen one yet but we re certainly keeping the dogs away from the back of the boats. Will have to catch a few fish today for crab pot bait. We will stay here another night or to and then? North again.

Stay safe,


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