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Hi All,

Well it has been interesting to say the least, we stayed anchored in the creek at Hinchinbrook for 4 nights, it was a great safe place to be with the strong wind and rain that we have been having, but in the end we had no crab pot bait left and we where all ready to move on. So on Wednesday the 11th we headed out of the creek and set course for Mourilyan Harbour which is a sugar loading facility at the mouth of the Moresby River around 60 miles south of Cairns. Great sail with some steady south-to-south easterly winds we got into the anchorage after lunch and dropped anchor and Mac and I grabbed Jason and his boys and headed to shore. There was a small servo just up the road and we where going to grab some bread and milk. And fuel for the tenders. There was a local guy at the boat ramp and we asked about the servo and he told us it was closed, but then offered to drive us into town and get the stuff we needed, it was very kind of him. There are still plenty of nice people out there if you look! Back to the boat and a safe nights sleep. The next morning we grabbed a bit of water from the tap at the boat ramp and then headed off bound for Russell Island which is one of the Franklin Islands around 20 miles north. We sailed under spinnaker most of the sail and with the tide running with us it was fantastic, gentle swell behind us and 6 -7 knots of boat speed, very cool. Once we got to Russell Island we tied the boats to the mooring boys, grabbed some lunch and headed to shore. It was very rollie trying to get the boats to the beach but once ashore it was a lovely little island with a lots of coral on the beach, the kids found some great shells and it was good to stretch the legs on a decent walk. There is a great campsite on the island with a water tank, drop toilets and posts for tying tents to. Again it was very rough getting back onto the tenders and back to the boats but once back onboard we felt safe enough to stay the night. One thing was starting to worry us a bit, Casper vomited a couple of times and we know he had a tick (grass tick we think) on him the day before. Was the vomiting from the tick or from his drinking salt water? After speaking to a vet in Cairns we decided to monitor him and see what he was like in the morning.

Continued on next blog.


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