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Well as you know from our last blog, we where worried about Casper as he was showing signs of a paralyse tick bite, after the nights sleep and as we where sailing towards Fitzroy Island we decided the we would bypass Fitzroy and head straight the Cairns and get the dog to the vets just in case. I set up an appointment, booked us into the marina and kept the dog as quite as possible. It was a very good decision as the vets diagnosis was definitely a paralyse tick bite. Casper by this stage was breathing very heavily and walking like he had had a couple too many beers. The good thing was that we got the tick off early and that he was at the vets before he was fully paralysed. He spent the night on a drip at the vets and was going to spend the weekend there. The next morning the vet rang and said that we could pick him up. We where all very relived as we have lost a dog to a tick before. He was a bit groggy for the first day and a half but he now seems like he has made a full recovery. Funny thing is we have always been concerned about a croc or a shark getting the dog but it was a tick that did the damage!!

We are still in the marina at Cairns (the rate has gone up 60% since last year $55 to $85 per night, which is a bit rich) it is a nice marina but not sure if we will be back. Shame but as with most cruisers we are on a budget and a 60% increase is crazy. I have had the outboard serviced, very, very expensive, but at least we got to the bottom of the problem, it looked like the carbie adjustment was well out of wack and the prop was the wrong pitch. The funny thing was that the restrictor was supposed to be pulled out of the carbie was still there? Anyway as I said it seems to be running much better and comes out of the hole like a rocket. We are heading out of the marina tomorrow and will moor in the river for a couple of days. The Cairns show is on this week so we will take the kids to the show and hopefully the weather will improve and we can get out to the reef for a snorkel and some crayfish hunting and fishing.

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