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Hi All,

Well its never dull aboard Somerset Cat. Last Thursday we took the boys along with the crew from Tres Amigos to the Cairns Show. It was a long and very tiering day, we did it all, ate Dagwood dogs, saw the wood chopping, the pole climbing, visited with all the farm animals, wondered through side show ally and of course there was plenty of rides to go on. I only went on one ride with Mac and Liam, it was called the Sky Walker and it was a bad idea, you spent most on the time either upside down or being flung around 40 odd mts in the air. I felt like throwing up and was a bit doughy for a while, the kids seemed ok!! We also got to see some freestyle motocross, which was pretty cool. Sam was good all day except right at the end during the motocross he had a big anxiety attack (it was very noisy, lots of cheering etc) I was with Mac and Jo had Sam and he lashed out at an older man and knocked his glasses off. The gentleman was a bit shaken but Jo thinks that he understood the situation, but she was still a bit upset by the whole situation.

The next day  (frid the 20th of July) we decided to head to Fitzroy Island we where a bit tied of sitting in the river at Cairns, not such a good idea, we headed out towards Cape Grafton and the wind just kept building, it was 25 plus knots and was going to be right on the nose once we rounded the cape. We decided that the safe anchorage of the trinity inlet at Cairns was a better option.  Later that night (around 8pm) we heard on the VHF that there was a boat grounded in the entrance to the inlet and was in need of assistance, Mac and I went out in the rubber duck to have a look, buy the time we got there the boat (a 90 foot racing mono named “Genuine Risk”) had freed itself from the bottom and was tacking down the channel. We came along side and the skipper explained that they had no motor and could only sail and had done so since the Torres Straights. It was decided that we would act as a tug and assist them in getting them along side the outside berth at the port. It all went well and with a bit of pushing we got them safely tied up. They where all very thankful and we where invited to have a look aboard the next day.  We went and had a look the next morning it was an amazing boat but had been neglected and the new owners where getting her to Sydney for a refit.

After that we headed north towards Port Douglas and more excitement. More about that next time.



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