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Hi All,

Just a real quick blog.

We are all safe and well and enjoying Lizard Island. We had a great sail up here, caught a heap of fish and had a safe night out art the reef. We got to Lizard about a week ago. Mac and I have been learning to Kite Board in the Blue Lagoon. It is a great place to learn, clear warm water and strong winds. Mac is doing better than me, he is kiting both directions and getting better every day. It has been a bit harder for me, I am getting launched a bit but a few days and I should be kiting. We have been hare about a week now and have enjoyed snorkelling on the reefs andy catching up with the other cruisers that are calling this beautiful place their home. There looks like there is a drop in the wind later this week so we may take the opportunity and head south to Port Douglas and resupply the boat and do a few trips out tho the reef from there. Macs birthday id on Sunday so we should be back at Port Douglas be then and will have a bit of a party for him at the Yachty. Until then take care and we will put up a few videos of our travels when we get back to civilisation.


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  1. Errol Suttor says:

    Good to read that all is going well and you are still enjoying. Adam,you might have to get a bigger kite!!.We are well and leave on Fri 17th on the Tilt tain stopping in Townsville till Tue 21st then on to Cairns till 25th then back to Mackay on 26th and home on 30th.This will give us a chance to catch up with friends and rellies and not have to drive.Perhaps a catch-up in Cairns if you are still there
    Take care and all our love XOXO

    Errol and Laine

    • smith says:

      Hey uncle,
      We are still in port Douglas and won’t be in cairns for a month or so.
      Will catch up when we get south.

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