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Hi all,

Well we have been very lazy on he blogging front. It must be the laid back lifestyle here in FNQ.  Not that it has been that laid back in fact we have been quite busy, between sailing, fishing, Cray hunting, snorkelling, kite boarding, walking, paddle skiing, playing cricket on the beach, flying the stunt kite and generally enjoying lizard island it has been hard to stay up past 8.30 at night. We are having a bit of a rest day today. The rest of the fleet, Double Shot and Obsession have headed over to Eagle Island to go kiting for the day (we went over a couple of days ago and had a kite there, it is a very small Island with a sand spit, great for kiting. Although the wind was to strong for Mac on his 8 metre kite) and we are staying at Watson’s bay trying to get Mac to catch up with his home work before we head off tomorrow. The trouble with homework is the Mac feels sick if he tries to do it when we are sailing and when we are anchored there is far to many of the cool things mentioned before to think about homework. As I said we are heading off in the morning out to the Cod Hole to have a swim with the giant Cod that live there and then down the Ribbon Reefs and hopefully into port Douglas on Sunday or Monday. It is a bit earlier that we would have liked to leave but as always Mother Nature determines when we go or when we stay and there is a lull in the wind for the next 3 days so we have to go. It has been blowing a constant 25 to 30 knots her for the last week.

We are going to pick up our good friends the Mendham’s from Port Douglas on the 15th and bring them back up here to Lizard for around 10 days. Weather permitting! We are all looking forward to having them onboard and sharing our world and the beauty and of the reef and FNQ. It should be a great adventure for us all.

Mac and I have been kiting a bit and I have finally got it! I am now going back and forth and doing transition turns. The best thing is not so much crashing and a hell of a lot less walking. It is an absolutely fantastic feeling kiting over the reef looking the turtle’s fish etc, and now I am starting to relax and enjoy it is like nothing else, truly amazing.  We plan to do this next trip to Lizard and then pick up Lauren and Dave in Early Oct and we are not sure weather to head back north or start heading south, again we will have a look at the weather and decide.

All in all we are having a great time and are going to be sad to leave FNQ and head home but on the other hand we are looking forward to seeing family and friends.

Until next time stay safe.



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  1. Freespirit says:

    Hi to all your family. Nice to see you are still powering on with sailing adventures. We didn’t go north this year- too much happening, but are living on the cat around Moreton bay & Mooloolaba. Not quite as exciting!
    Keep having fun.
    Meredith & Alan

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