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Hi Everyone, Mac here

We have been quite slack on our blogging for a while, so ill catch you up

We went to lizard with Lauren and Dave and had an Awesome time, we caught fish, we snorkelled, we wake boarded, we walked A LOT and all round we had a great time. There were some bad things, when we got to lizard Dave was really sick and dehydrated, at one point it got so bad we had to see the nurse at the resort. We don’t exactly know what happened to him but he came good after a week, it was like he had a really bad fever but I don’t know.

Our sail back from lizard was reasonably calm and we saw some dolphins and turtles, which makes it better. We had to drop Lauren and Dave of at Cairns so they could go back to the Gold Coast and live their life. From Cairns we headed south to the Whitsunday’s, we stopped at some islands along the way including, Fitzroy, Dunk, Orpheus, Magnetic and Cape Upstart.

Sooner than I thought we arrived at Gloucester Passage. Gloucester Passage is the start of the Whitsunday’s; we tried to go kiting but there wasn’t enough wind so the kites kept falling out of the sky, there are also two little resorts there, Monty’s Reef Resort and Gloucester Eco Resort. In the morning we headed to Airlie beach, which is just around the corner. When we got there we anchored out the front then went over for a swim.

That afternoon Captain Tony called us and told us that his boat was at the marina but he was at the Gold Coast and he said he was coming back up in a couple of days so we waited for him at Airlie then explored the Whitsunday’s with him, We kited at hill inlet for three days, sadly dad ripped his kite so he had to use Tony’s one, and we explored Whitehaven. We also caught up with Tres Amigos on the way. When we got back to Airlie and met a boat called A Jornada, they are a family of four, Ant, Lue, Manny and Asher. We spent a couple of days at Airlie swimming and enjoying the one-dollar McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

We headed south with Tres Amigos and A Jornada, On the Way to the Percy’s we visited a few other islands including, Shore Island, Brampton Island and St Bees. At St Bees one of Tres Amigos’ engines was playing up so they headed into MacKay while we stayed out with A Jornada. From St Bees We headed to Scawfell Island Picking up a nice tuna on the way. From Scawfell we headed to Digby Island, From Digby We headed to Middle Percy. We stayed at Percy for a couple of days; it is one of my favourite islands. We walked up to the homestead and said hi to the owner, Kate and all the farm animals; mum also got some fresh vegies and some honey.

Leaving Percy on the way to the Keppel’s we stopped overnight at Hexam Island and Pearl Bay in the Shoalwater Bay Military Zone, they were long days but it was worth it because we arrived at North Keppel in two days

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  1. Errol Suttor says:

    Hi Mac
    Looks like you have taken over the blogs and doing a very good job.We might turn you into a journalist or an author , who knows? Over all it sounds like you are spending time in God,s Great Country and loving it.All my years in FNQ and I thought I had seen a lot but you guys are having the real deal. Fantastic!

    Smith Family
    We have Luke home for Christmas arriving today and we will all go down to Lauraine,s at Burleigh for a family Christmas Day lunch.About 18 of us so it will be good.She is well and it is 4 years since her first bout of cancer so she is going strong.
    Stay safe and hope Santy finds you where ever you happen to be anchored
    All our love The Suttors

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