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The Keppel’s

By now Tres Amigos and Captain Tony of Double Shot had caught up to us, but   A Jornada was just leaving. We stayed at the Keppel’s for a while then Captain Tony left, we stayed for a couple more days then we headed to the reef with Tres Amigos. We went to North West Island; it was an OK anchorage but Tres Amigos Anchor Wouldn’t grab so we rafted up. But it didn’t last, it got too swelly so we had to untie. Then Tres Amigos went and anchored and it grabbed so we stayed there for the night.

In the Morning dad checked the weather forecast and the wind was coming up so he decided to go back to the mainland and find some protection from the wind that was coming. We headed to Pancake Creek, it was quite rough and very windy, and at one point I think we were doing 12 knots down waves, that’s very fast for us. Pancake Creek is a little inlet in the mainland so it has a bar, it was a bit rough getting in there but we got in there safely with Tres Amigos.

At Pancake dad and I had a kite, it was really fun and calm, Dad kited too far out and couldn’t get back so I had to go and rescue him in the dingy. Mum was not impressed. Dad had a laugh about it though.

In the morning we headed to 1770 it was a decent sail and it wasn’t that rough. We Pulled up at the anchorage and dropped the pick; we grabbed straight away and were in a perfect spot. After a rest we went over to the beach and then to the pub, it was a good afternoon. The next morning we re anchored because we were nearly beached. We went to the beach for the whole day and had an early night because we had a long sail the next day.

Dad and I woke up, pulled up the anchor and headed to Burnett Heads. It took us about eight hours to get there. I forgot to say; Tres Amigos headed out to the reef again because they wanted to explore around the Capricorn Cay’s. We Got to Burnett Heads at like five PM so we had to anchor, have dinner and have an early night. In the morning we headed to Kingfisher Bay Resort on Frasier Island, halve way there we got a radio call from A Jornada, they were heading to Moon Point so we headed there to rendezvous.

When we got there we anchored and went over to the beach, we saw two dingoes and played footy. A Jornada invited us over for sundowners so we went over, they had friends staying on the boat with them so it was a bit crowded and we had movie night. The next day we went to Kingfisher Bay Resort, it only took us an hour so we got there at lunchtime because we left late. We went over to the sand bar at three Pm and had a swim. Dad went out to check the duck and saw    A Jornada Coming in, he called them and said we were at the sand bar so they came over and we played pool and went for a swim.

We stayed at Kingfisher for two days then headed to Gary’s Anchorage. We are Currently at Gary’s Anchorage and it is quite calm, I have had soo much fun sailing but I am very exited about getting back to Noosa. We will be in Noosa in a week and I will get too catch up with my friends so I’m looking forward to it.

That’s all for now, Mac

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