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Hi all,

We arrived back a Noosa around the 24th of Dec after a bit of a wild crossing of the Wide Bay Bar the day before. Completely my fault, left the run to late and had the second hour of the run out tide against the incoming swell, was all good until the last 10 min’s of the crossing. Near the most    seaward way-point for those of you that know the bar. We had 5 odd metre waves breaking over the boat and I think at one point Jo was saying a prayer! The boys where inside watching a movie and besides it being a bit rough, they did not even know. We where never in danger, but I was glad to be on “Somerset Cat” as 15 tonne of 47 foot of catamaran did give me peace of mind. She handled it with ease.


Anyway we crossed Noosa bar the next day with out any issues although the swell was trying to force us out of the channel and it did get quite shallow at one point. We spent Christmas in Woods Bay at Noosa and enjoyed Hastings Street and my brother Jason and his family sailed across the bar as well and we all had a great Christmas, with them and our Noosa friends.

The big news is that I had previously applied for a job running a resort here at Noosa and just after new years they contacted me for an interview. The short version is that I now have started in the position of Manager at the South Pacific Resort. To say that it is a change from the cruising life is a huge understatement. It is a big resort on 5 acres with 4 pools, tennis court, 3 spa,s, sauna and  104 apartment, some in the letting pool some out and some owner occupiers thrown in as well. It has a licenced Restaurant, Function centre and many challenges. Jo and I and the boys have moved on site and will stay here for the next few months. I am getting a couple of jobs done on the boat and then we will put it for sale and then we will look for a house or apartment to be here at Noosa. Our plan is to sail again as we just love the lifestyle and the freedom that cruising offers but Macs needs to finish his education and we need to put some money back into the bank. So for now the cruising dream has come to an end, we were so lucky to have done it and I am so proud of all of us for following our dream. It was the family trip of a life time and the places we went and things we saw and did and especially the people we have met along the way will give us found memories for ever. If we don’t sail again at least we wont die saying that we “wished” we had gone!! As I said Jo and I will do it again, maybe we will buy our next boat in the Med or the Bahama’s and slowly sail our way back home, who knows but as we all-ready know if we want  it enough it will happen!!

For those of you that have followed our journey I hope you enjoyed it, we certainly did. I thank you for caring enough to have a look at what the Smith family where up to. I will still post a blog every now and then about what we are up to. I would like to think that we would get north this year for a week or so and catch up some friends and maybe kite board at Lizard Island and a beer at the Marlin Bar??

Take care untill next time,




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  1. Uncle Errol says:

    We were wondering where you were and what was happening.Weather has been a shocker but I dont have to tell you that.How long before you are back on the Coast?
    Rather than stay here we took a trip to Sydney to see Luke and Carla and stayed in their new unit at Bondi.First few days were good and then Sydney got a touch of bad weather just to make us feel at home.I noticed you posted this on my birthday and I was lucky this year.Had an early one with Luke in Sydney then a great day at Emerald Lakes Golf Club with our mob on the 17th and then a big one again at Sip n Sup last Thursday.Who says we have to slow down at 75?
    Take care and hopefully we will catch up soon. Uncle

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