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Hi All,

Well it has been three months since a started here at the South Pacific Resort min beautiful Noosa. As I said last time it is certainly a huge change for the whole family from living the cruising life. Not that it is that bad, just different. Mac has slipped straight back into school life, his grades have not  suffered so sailing didn’t do him any harm at all. He is still not a big fan of homework, but who is? He is loving his music and has been upgraded to one of the second violinists in the school orchestra, not bad considering he probably pick his violin up 3 or 4 times when we where sailing and was thinking of giving it up. Jo has also bought him a cheap 2nd hand keyboard and he has been teaching himself the piano and lucky for him we have a baby grand at the resort that he can have a play on as well.

Sam has started back at Endeavour and seems to be enjoying it, he goes on more outings that any of us, down the river for a BBQ, out to the bowls club for lunch, tenpin bowling, the movies, shopping he does get around. Jo has been helping me a bit with the resort and has finished a first draft of her book. It is a selection of her poems and photographs accompanying her diary notes from when we found out about Sam’s disability, it is pretty honest and raw but I believe uplifting as well. I am very very proud of her for doing it, I know it is difficult for her to open up and share some of her most private and painful moments with others. She is an incredibly strong and beautiful  person.

We have the boat for sail but at this point we have not even had one phone call, not sure whether its the brand? Possibly Australians are not as familure with the Leopard brand as say Lagoon. Its crazy as they are a fabulous sea boat and great value for a 50 foot catamaran with all the gear?We went over to check on the boat yesterday, she is still looking good. I started the motors, fired up the genset and the electronics, all good. All it would take would be some food and our kite gear back on board and we could sail off!!! Our sailing friends are ringing us and trying to convince us to head north with them again this year. We will all be sad as they sail past but who knows what will happen in the future. If we dont get any inquiries we might try and find somewhere a bit cheaper to moor thye boat  and spend a bit of cash and keep her. I guess as with the rest of our life what ever is going to happen will happen. For now we will just enjoy the time at the resort and being in Noosa.

I will post a blog when I can and if anyone is in the Noosa area please drop in and say hi.

Safe sailing,



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  1. Phil Montague says:

    Hi Adam,
    I am firmiliar with the Leapard Cats and spent many a longing gaze at the 46′ at The Sanctuary Cove Boatshow last year.
    I have called your mobile and left a message. We are in the market for a boat and at this stage without putting you to any inconvenience I was hoping you may have some more photos of the interior, an asking price and a list of inclusions.
    She certainly looks proud at her mooring.

    • smith says:

      Hi Phil,
      I do have the boat for sale on boat point with a few photos otherwise have a look at the “Our Boat” page on the web site.
      The boat is at the Noosa Marina at Tewantin if you wanted to have a look at her. We have an asking price of $395,000.
      If you wanted more pics let me know and I can take a few more and send through to you.
      My phone number is. 0412 984 937 and direct email is smithsnoosa@gmail.com, I dont check the look at the website that often at the moment.
      Kind Regards,

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