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Hi All,

Well here it is Easter 2014 how time flies when you having fun. This is our second Easter running South Pacific Resort here at Beautifull Noosa and our time sailing seems like it was a lifetime ago. In some ways it feels like we actually did not even go. I really need to have a look at our past blogs, photos and videos to re focus the memory on just how fantastic our time sailing was. The incredible places we visited and the wonderfull people we met along the way. In saying that Noosa is not a bad place to be, we spent a couple of hours down by the river yesterday with some freinds and a couple of beers and  a glas of wine. It is certainly one of the most beatifull places in Australia and there were hundreds of other families enjoying themselves. Kids skateboarding, simming, padling etc while mum and dad watched on. We are certainly lucky to be in walking distance to this fantastic family enviroment. I think we are heading down there again on Easter sunday to do it all again.

The other great thing that is happening is that Jo has finaly signed off on her book and it is now at the printers waiting to be printed. It should be 4 to 6 weeks away and then she can hold the book launch that she has been so looking forward to. I am so proud of my beautifull wife as the process of writing the book had been difficult as it has brought back many memories that were quite painfull and difficult to deal with. Having a child with a severe disability has been both the most difficult and rewarding experience of her life and the ups and downs have shaped us both. The book is different to anything that I have seen before, it is a collection of poems that Jo has written over the years (writing poems has helped Jo cope through the difficult times and still does today) the poems are then matched with a photo that reflects her thoughts. All of the photos were taken by us whilst on our Sea Adventure. She also explains briefly what she was feeling at the time. The book is honest and personal and gives the reader a glimse of how her life has been struggeling with a disabled child, her feelings, her other children, our families and of course me. I think that every one that reads it will be touched by it and also see that just beacause you have a disabled child your whole family isn’t disabled and can do extrodinary things as we have.

I will blog again when it is getting closer to the launch date and you can also look on our facebook page (search “smithfamilysailing”). The books will also be available for sale for $29.95 plus postage. We are still working out payment and postage but will have it sorted as we get closer to the launch.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter. May the bunny be good to you and all your family.





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