This is the beginning of a sailing adventure, a sailing adventure with a difference. The Smith Family from Noosa Heads, Australia have decided to embark on a lifetime dream. A dream that they have discussed and worked for, for over the past 20 years and it has only just become a reality.

It involves the whole family coming together, letting go of all things land based, our home our cars our “stuff” our old lives and letting fate take us wherever the adventure may lead. It is not something that we have decided on lightly and in many ways it has been both individually challenging and extremely difficult. In fact it has been the single most difficult decision that we have ever made. As a family unit the decision has meant compromise and an openhearted commitment to each other.

Our family consists of Adam, Joanne, Sam, Lauren-ann, Mackenzie and of course Casper the dog! .

The difference between our family and most others is that we are travelling with our 20 year old severely Autistic brother and son “Sam”.Although it has been a demanding and challenging path throughout the whole of our lives, having Sam has given us the strength to take this journey and sail into the future.

We have always loved being out on the water and have lived by the coast all of our married life. We have done all the usual things a family does, working, owning businesses, building houses, educating the kids, going on holidays, spending many happy times with family and friends, having some rough patches, basically just doing the day to day stuff that tends to cloud the years away.

About a year ago, after the death in the family of our beloved Poppy Bryan, we decided to reevaluate our circumstances look at our lives, our dreams and our expectations. Our choice was to actually make a plan and just do it!! We wanted to do something a bit different and bit out of the ordinary!! Now here we are just about to embark on the voyage of a lifetime.

s we have many fears, anxiety and reservations about our decision, but most of all we have enthusiasm, excitement and anticipation of what we will encounter and how we as a family will follow this dream. There are no guarantees in life and none of are sure what this adventure will bring, all we know is that we will have each other and it is something that we all need to do as a family.

Follow with us as we learn, as we stumble, as we visit and as we grow.

Samuel Bryan Smith | Age 20

Our first born son, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of six.
Sam has difficulty with every facet of his life, he has no speech, is incontinent, and has restricted movement (although he is not confined to a wheelchair at this stage), he needs constant care, and assistance with eating, dressing and everyday things. Sam also has anxiety issues and behavioral problems. Besides all his challenges, Sam has been a loving member of our family; he has a devilish sense of humor, a wonderful smile, a loving nature and most of the time a happy and contented disposition. Sam has just started using a communication device and we will be working on his communication abilities as we sail. Oh and Sam LOVES the water and boats, he is a great swimmer with his own style and has always had an affinity with the ocean and the sea. It has from a young age always been a calming influence on his life.

Mackenzie James Lambert Smith | Age 11

The baby of the family, a true player of life and determined to learn everything and anything.
Mackenzie or Mac as he is known is a keen participant in life; he has a thirst for knowledge and never ending exuberance when it comes to all things to do with a boat. He is a natural sportsman, a team player, a leader and a genuine friend. He loves being in the front seat..He is also a beautiful caring and sensitive young man, sometimes wise beyond his years. Mac has a special bond with his big sister; they have been inseparable for most of his life and truly love each other.
Mac cannot wait to go sailing and is also looking forward to a big adventure. (and some time off school)
Cast off the lines.

Lauren-ann Smith | Age 18

The thespian of the family, full of joy, love, smiles, lots of hugs.
She has so much understanding and respect for others; she has the most tolerant and supportive nature of all and never ceases to amaze! She is entertaining, clever and dedicated to whatever she does. Oh and she also loves sailing and the sea.
Lauren is an amazing young lady and did not question the decision to go sailing she has broached it with undeniable enthusiasm and delight. Even if it means living back with here parents!
Oh and she is leaving her boyfriend……or maybe he will join us?…..every now and again..
That could be interesting……

Adam Smith | Age 45

The Captain, the father in command of the vessel, and the undeniable architect of the journey.
Adam is strong, loyal, and passionate and a loving father and husband. His commitment to “The Plan” has been unwavering and he always seems to get the job done, no matter what the obstacle and dont worry there have been many. Adam is first and foremost proudly protective of our family and we all trust his talents and believe in his abilities. After all he is the Captain..
Oh yes, he is better known by all his boating mates as ?The Moth”. If there was a light on late at night he may drop in for a visit…….

Joanne Smith | Age 44

The second mate, wife, mother and head dreamer and chief encourager.
Joanne is practical, emotional, sometimes a little impatient and definitely the neatest in the family.
She has sometimes questioned her ability to release most things material, but has always believed in the journey. She dreams big, loves nature, enjoys living life and especially loves her family. She loves fashion and nice shoes so there will have to be room aboard for a couple of pairs!! (And she is also not a bad cook)??Oh yes, She loves fishing and all things to do with the sea.
She has been known to have a glass of Champagne and had a bit of a dance

Casper the Dog

Our lovable but troublesome mutt..
He found us at a dam when we where on a waterskiing weekend. Adam went into the shop to get a bag of ice and when he came out the family had a new puppy!! He spent that weekend on a boat and has never looked back. He loves that water just like the rest of the family. He and Mac thinks he will be sleeping inside the boat…… we will wait and see……