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Hi All, Well it has been interesting to say the least, we stayed anchored in the creek at Hinchinbrook for 4 nights, it was a great safe place to be with the strong wind and rain that we have been having, but in the end we had no crab pot bait left and we where all ready to move on. So on Wednesday the 11th we headed out of the creek and set course for Mourilyan Harbour which is a sugar loading facility at the mouth of the Moresby River around 60 miles south of Cairns. Great sail with some steady south-to-south easterly winds we got into the anchorage after lunch and dropped anchor and Mac and I grabbed Jason and his boys and headed to shore. There was a small servo just up the road and we where going to grab some bread and milk. And fuel for the tenders. There was a local gu
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Well more Bloody Wind, We are safely anchored in number 1 creek at the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island it has been a wild few nights since we left Magnetic Island 5 days ago. The first night we spent in North East Bay on Great Palm Island, we anchored there just before dark and got in as close to shore as possible without getting to close to the bit of reef. Jason and Michelle had headed north to moor around the corner at the top of great Palm but found it to difficult to find a safe anchorage and headed back to where we where. It was very windy all night and our anchor dragged and we had a pretty rough night, but no major dramas. The next stop was Hazard Bay at Orpheaus Island, this is where the Resort is located, unfortunately the tide was so low that the reef becomes exposed and
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Hi again, Well we have had a great few days a Magnetic Island, second day we put the boat on the beach and gave the bottom a bit of a clean as it was a bit green and horrible from being in the Noosa River over the summer. We scrubbed the bottom of the boat and I fitted new anodes on the prop shafts as well.  On the third day went for another walk along the beach and then decided to get the Knee Board and Wake boards out and take the kids for a board along the beach. It was a bit of fun but I am still very disappointed with the new 30hp 2 stroke outboard on the duck as it does not get on t
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Hi Every One, We are currently sitting at beautiful Magnetic Island off Townsville (28th June). We left Woodwark Bay on the 25th of June and headed off to Gloucester Passage and Montes Reef Resort, the sail was uneventful and we got there in time to have a good walk on the beach and then a couple of cool drinks at the resort. The resort reminds me a bit of the old Tipplers Resort on the Gold Coast, a bit old school but very friendly. In fact I like it there much more than the glitz and glitter of Hamo, and the beers are half the price! It was a great afternoon, just before dark Tony and Karen from SV Double Shot sailed in as well, it was good to catch up with them and swap sailing and fishing stories. In the morning we decided that we would head off north to Cape u
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Hi All, Long time no Blog, Well a bit has happened since last time, we have caught up with Jason, Michelle and their boys Liam, and Kyle, they where hanging in the Whitsunday’s waiting for us to catch up. We caught up with them on the 18th of June and spent the day at Butterfly bay on the northern end of Hook Island. We also ducked around the corner to Manta Ray Bay and had a great snorkel with a couple of big Maori Wrasse that we where hand feeding and a couple of Big GT’s that where hanging around, very cool! We still had Mac’s best mate Ricky with us and I think he enjoyed the time
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Hi All, Just a qick update, we are safley moored at the Marina at Mackay in central Queensland. We have spent the last few day with out phone or internet service cruising from the Keppels up through Freshwater Bay, then Pearl bay. We then sailed around the milatary area at Shoalwater and anchored at Marble Island, from there onto Digby Island and yesterday we sailed the last 40 miles into Mackay. We have had a great time exploring the beaches of all the anchorages along the way.   Mac found a huge shell on the beach at Freshwater bay and we watched a navy landing craft droping off supplies and equipme
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Hi all, Well we are finally on our way north. We Left Noosa on Monday the 4th of June and had a easy crossing of Noosa bar, we then settled in for the sail north to Double island Point and the Wide Bay Bar. A fairly uneventful sail until we hit Double Island point, we had a big strike on one of our rods and it must have been big, as it spooled me and I lost a brand new lure!! Then as we rounded the point a big gust of wind hit the wind generator and snapped the shaft, Bugger!!. The Wide Bay bar was a bit rough as normal but a pretty easy crossing over it as well. It is always good to get both the bars out of the way. Once we crossed we headed for Gary's Anchorage inside Fraser Island and anchored for the night. The next morning we headed off around 7.30 headed up One Comment   
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Hello everyone, We had a wonderful visit from Sam's special group of mates from Wallace Park Endeavour, it is a place where disabled adults come together and join in community activities, learning new skills, making friends and generally enjoying life. The boys were a little tentative when boarding the boat, but all managed to climb aboard. We shared a few laughs and Sam enjoyed the boys company. I think Casper made a new friend in Jason! See you next time on Somerset Cat!
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Hi everyone, Well its nearly time to head out of Noosa and sail north, We are all looking forward to the trip. I would like to mention the message we received over You Tube from Uncle Raggy. He has been following our journey and now would like to write us a song. What a beautiful gesture. I would love you to watch what he has posted so the link is below. It's funny how life's journey just happens, I know now that there is a purpose to our choosen lifestyle even with it's demands and difficult times. It's not all plain sailing you know, but definately worth it. Keep smiling love Jo
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  Hi everyone, Well the last couple of weeks have been wet and windy and a little bit frustrating when living on a boat. Victoria is in the midst of massive floods and now south east Queensland is on flood alert. Just hope this weather subsides soon.
I have been fairly busy putting together some videos for our You Tube channel, smithsnoosa, and Adam & I are preparing the boat for our next adventure up north. Mac has fitted back into school life and is currently on a trip to Canberra with his c
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Hi All, Well we have been at the Noosa Marina at Tewantin for a couple of weeks now. It has been good to be able to get Mac to school and go for a walk without having to get in the rubber duck and go to and from shore.  The marina is OK, we are moored on the outside underneath the restaurants and it is a bit noisy and rocky on the weekends with all the boat traffic but otherwise not to bad as marinas go. The manager Warren has made us feel welcome and it will be home for the new few months. As most of you know we have been loading videos of our trip on YouTube (enter smithsnoosa in the YouTube search). It has been great looking over the footage from our trip last year, it certainly has reminded us how lucky we are to have visited the places we went to and met the people that we did.
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Click Read More to have a look at our new video of the kids snorkelling at Emily Reef