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Hi all and Happy Australia Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we are still in not so sunny Noosa. Mac has started school again and we are all getting back into a relitivley normal life. It has been good to catch up with all our freinds and find out what they have been up to and the share our adventures with them . We will be heading to the Noosa Marina next week and we will stay there for the next three or so months. I have some work coming up a a few resorts around Noosa and we will be doing a few jobs on the boat, getting her ready for sailing up north again. Jo and I have been looking through s
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Hi all, Merry Christmas !!!............... We are currently moored in the Noosa  Woods and as normal it has been raining and windy!!! We are all missing the warmth and sunshine of far north QLD. I am sure it will stop raining eventually!!!!!!!!!!!   Anyway it is Christmas eve and we are all together and we will get to spend Christmas day with all our friends at Noosa, so life is not to bad.. We will stay here for the first   few months of next year and then possibly cruise north again next winter? Time will tell.. We hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas with all your f
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Hi All, We are all safe and well. We are currently anchored safely in-front of Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. We are waiting to see what the weather is going to do. There has been a strong wind warning issued for this part of the world for the last few days, and now there is a trough moving slowly south from the mid Qld Coast and may form a weak low pressure system, you guessed it off Fraser Island on Thursday. We will have to wait and see how it all pans out. Only 60 odd Naut Miles to go but mother nature is not making it easy for us. As I am writing this it is still blowing 35+ knots of Doub
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Well as you have all heard by know we have made it down to the Keppel’s. We are currently anchored on the southern side of Great Keppel at “long beach “trying to hide from the Northerly winds. We have been over to Rosslyn Bay to re supply and wash down the boat. We also needed to do a couple of repairs, we lost a fridge unit whilst we where at the Percy’s so we needed to get it fixed, unfortunately it was not repairable so a replacement was ordered and installed, certainly money that we would have had to have in the bank with Xmas very quickly approaching. The outboard motor on the tender has been p
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Hi everyone its Mac here Over the past 2 weeks we have travelled from the Whitsunday’s to the Keppel’s We left Airlie Beach and sailed to Long Island Resort.  We went to the resort for a swim, I feed rainbow lorikettes and had a really hot spa.  Dad and I played catch in the pool. There were wallabies at the resort, it was the first time we saw wallabies since Stradbroke Island.
It was very rough the next day so we sailed to Brampton Island and went to visit the reso
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Hi Everyone,

Well what an adventure we have had since heading south from Lizard Island in early October.  Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, visiting beautiful Sandy Cays, walking deserted beaches for miles and miles, collecting the most amazing shells, catching gigantic fish, spearing huge painted crayfish (Yummy), meeting people from all walks of life and sailing the beautiful Coral Sea.  I think Mackenzie figured out that by the time we reach Noosa we will have travelled over 2500 nautical miles !!! Not bad for a first time Crew !!

At the moment we are sitting at the Keppel’
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The past week has been amazing! We picked David up from the airport at 2pm on the 26th of October and then hopped straight on the boat and sailed to Whitehaven Beach. We spent the afternoon catching up and having  a few drinks ;) (Lychee Juice and Quantro) yummmmm. it was great being with David again, I have missed him like crazy the last few months. The next day we sailed to Hewit Reef, Dave hadn’t been to the great barrier reef before, so he was loving it! The water was beautiful and the coral was really pretty. We were travelling with some Frien
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Hinchinbrook passage was less exciting than we had hoped.

We caught only three crabs, all small and saw no crocodiles!!! The marsh flies were horrendous and to top it off.. the Rubber Duck motor broke when we were still half an hours paddle from the boat.

We decided that one day it was nice enough to head around to the other side of Hinchinbrook to Zoe Bay. We had an interesting sail over, there was a heavy fog for nearly the whole 2 hour trip and we c

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Hi All, As Mac mentioned, we left Magnetic Island last Saturday afternoon and sailed overnight down to Gloucester Passage which is at the top of the Whitsundays. We stayed there Sunday night and on Monday headed down to Woodwark Bay which is around 5 miles north of Airlie Beach. We headed there because there was a strong wind warning current and we where expecting 30+ knot wind for the next few days. We anchored as close to shore as depth would allow and put out plenty of chain. Although it was pretty windy we remained safely anchored. After three nights there we where all starting to get a bit bo
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Hi everyone we have just night sailed from Magnetic island, Nelly bay to Gloucester passage and everyone is exhausted so here is a catch up of the last week or so. From port Douglas we made our way to Hinchinbrook. While we were moored mum wanted to go for a drive in a little river that we were next to, on the way back the motor conked out and we had to row a kilometre to get back to the boat. And the worst thing is there is CROCODILES but we did not see any thankfully. The next mooring we went to we caught three mud crabs and a fish. From Hinchinbrook we headed to Orpheus Island. At Orpheus w
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Hi all,

We are currently moored near the bluff at the southern end of Hinchinbrook Passage, it has been a pleasant enough few days in the passage, the main issue has been the bloody marsh flies. They are horrendous, lots of them and they are ferocious. We would have killed 500 or more of them today alone. The passage itself is very beautiful with calm waters and rugged mountains as a background. We have caught a couple of fish and a good feed of muddies so not all bad.

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Not much to report, we have left Port Douglas and headed south towards Cairns. We decided to spend the night at a small cay around 15 miles north east of Cairns, it is called Upolu Cay, but unfortunately it was not quite what we expected, the cay is under the water for most the time! It is late in the day and we have grabbed a mooring for the night so all is good. Into Cairns tomorrow to pick up a delivery of Sam's nappies and then back out and on our way to Hinchinbrook, we may stay at Sunbury cay on Sat night if the weather hold out, if not a snorkel for a couple of hours and then south to