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Gliding through the Coral Sea, On a reach carefully held, The wind picks up and the sails creak, Tighten the lines!! Winch to the right!! Shift traveller to starboard, Loosen the sheets, to fill the main. Then winch them back for powerful gain.. Feel the hull move sharply through the Blue, With tell tails flying happliy on cue. Not a cloud in the sky and a gentle swell. She moves with grace and all is well. Watching for changes in the distance with care, An island, a rock, or a sunken wreck ,a reef
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Hi all,

Just thought that I would let you all know about a few other things that we got up to whilst we where at Lizard Island.

The main walk on the Island is the one up to Cooks Lookout, this is where  on the 12th of August (Macs Birthday) in the year 1770 James Cook climbed to the highest point of Lizard Island (he named it so because the only creatures he saw there where the large monitor lizards that inhabit the island). He climbed up there to try and find a way of getting the Endeavour safely through the outer reef. From the “lookout” he could s

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Hi all We are at Port Douglas now; the trip back from Lizard Island was really calm. We had a fishing competition with double shot and we won. (YAAAAAAY) we caught 12 fish and they caught 8, we caught a Tuna Dogtooth two-Spangled Emperor at the reef a Spanish Mackerel a Barracuda and 7 Queensland School Mackerel, they caught similar fish to us. We went snorkelling at Mackay Cay and saw two crayfish but couldn’t catch them and a couple of turtles it was really clear. Yesterday Lauren and I busked and earned $78.70 at the port Douglas markets it was awesome Last night we went out
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The last three weeks have been amazing. We headed north and spent 2 weeks at lizard island. The water was crystal clear and the sand very white!  We moored right in front of the big reef, we could literally jump off the back of the boat and go snorkelling around the coral.

It was a clam garden so we saw massive clams and hundreds of fish. The reef was mostly soft corals and lots of fish, clown fish, parrot fish, cod, and even some black tipped reef sharks!!

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Hi everyone sorry I have not blogged in a while I have been soo busy………

We are at Lizard Island now and its soo cool, it’s really clear and we have snorkelled everyday and sometimes twice a day it’s awesome. While we were snorkelling we saw giant clams is the clam gardens some were two metres long and one metre wide

We also saw a parrotfish as big as me it was awesome. There are lots of clownfish everywhere they are very shy though so you need to look very closely, We also saw angelfish, they are quiet shy as well though.

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Yes I am sure that plenty of people will be surprised to hear that we are this far north, but as we have learnt over the last 10 months sailing. You can never say never!. As most of you know our original plan was to go as far a Townsville and Magnetic Island and then turn around and head south, we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere? We have just been really enjoying the warm weather and pristine waters of Far North QLD, it really has to be seen to be appreciated.  The Islands, Coral Cays and Tongue Reef off Port Douglas where by far the best snorkeling we have had on the trip that was until we got
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Hi all, We are safe and well at Lizard Island. Very poor internet reception so it is hard to do blogs. We have written a couple and will post them as soon as we can. Lizard is a fantastic place, snorkeling on the reef every day, great walks, including cooks lookout. Crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, wake boarding, all round the best place we have been so far. All the boaties have drinks on the beach at 5pm every day, so we are off for a quick snorkel before having a cold beer!! Until next time, stay safe Adam
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Hi all, We are moored back at the Meridien Marina at Port Douglas after 2 wonderful days on the Great Barrier Reef. As Lauren has told you we spent much of Thursday snorkeling and feeding the fish at Low Isles we then sailed to Snapper Island and spent a slightly rolly night at anchor. First thing in the morning we headed off for Tongue Reef which was around 10 nautical miles away. We followed some new friends we had met Karen and Tony on their cat "Double Shot" as they had been out to this spot before. The wind was very light which made for slow sailing so we ran on
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Today was amazing! We went out to Low Isles, just off Port Douglas. Mac and I got into our snorkeling gear and jumped into the water. Before we knew it we were surrounded by Bat Fish!! And big ones!   Mum had been throwing bread around us!! We saw reef sharks and another massive fish... Of some sort, which was lerking around underneath the back of the boat. We snorkelled over some beautiful coral and saw 4 turtles!! We swam with them and I was videoing with the go pro. Mac even touched them! So cool! Will post some videos shortly!! :) Xxx
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Hello everyone, well its certainly been a wonderful trip up the east coast of Australia, and we have had some of the most amazing experiences.  We have reached Port Douglas and are taking the chance to explore the Daintree World Heritage rainforests and Cooktown for the next week or so. It’s really difficult to describe the beauty of this place and the feeling of complete appreciation of our beautiful country.  We have been able to share our journey with some wonderful people, some of whom are our fellow Aussie sailors and others from Canada, the United States and Denmark. One of the most
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HI all, Well as Lauren has already blogged, we have had a busy couple of weeks from leaving the Whitsunday’s, and getting to Townsville and Magnetic Island. Both places we really enjoyed, the Strand area of Townsville was fantastic; lovely walks along the foreshore, and plenty of activity. Beautiful gardens right near the Marina that is set up as a memorial for all those that fought and especially the  people of our armed forces that died protecting our country and our way of life. It is a great place to spend some time and reflect on just how lucky we are to be living in the Australia that we have!!! We also spent some time looking at the forts on Magnetic Island, again a great reminder of how close the war got to our shores. Seeing the gun stations that sit high on the hills of Mag
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Good afternoon  :)   The last few weeks have been very exciting. We have made lots of new friends in Townsville and at magnetic island, we had a party and drank cocktails. We went bush walking to the Forts on magnetic island, and I filmed the walk for the documentary, the views were amazing. We also spent a lot of time collecting some amazing shells! &nb