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Hey everyone, The last week has been great. The weather has been prefect. Aside from no wind lol. But the water has been clear as glass. We are currently sailing along Fraiser Island. We have mored tonight in Wathumba Creek, on high tide the water was crystal clear and a sea turtle swam by the boat as a welcome. I threw the gopro camera at mac and he was swimming with the turtle and filming! It was awesome. We had to be careful on the beach because dingos were hanging around watching Casper on the boat. We are heading to some sand dunes Tomorow so hopefully the wind will be right for
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Fun things I’ve done this week!
  • I went to my old school Good Shepherd Lutheran College on Tuesday for the day,I saw all my friends they were still all the same but a bit taller I felt like I hadn’t even left
  • We all went to the beach a couple of days later   
  • I slept over at my best friend Rickys house a couple of times it was great
  • I have eaten lots of sushi (good sushi bar just off hastings street)
  • Our friend Frank to dad and I fishing at the reef outside Noosa bar and caught 2 black tip reef shark, they were tasty, 1 little cod (t
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Hello readers,   I havent blogged in a while i know.. been a bit busy ... 3 weeks ago we left Gold Coast heading for Moloolaba, it was hard for me to say good-bye to all my friends and family down there, but it was hardest saying goodbye to David. We knew we weren't going to see eachother for at least 3 weeks, until our 1 year anniversary (28th May 2011). Its the longest we have been apart since he went to europe for 3 months in 2010. We said our goodbyes and headed to Moloolaba staying there for 2 days waiting for the right tides to cross the Noosa Bar, our next destination. We had a f
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Hi everyone, we have just arrived back in Noosa Heads and are hoping to stay for about 10 days, then we will start heading to the Great Sandy Straits  and Bundaberg on our journey up the East Coast of Australia. It has been a busy three weeks preparing the boat after Adam arrived back from New Guinea, but we are well and truly on our way! We left Sanctuary Cove on Tuesday the 17th of May and motored up to Tipplers passage, we anchored for a couple of hours and went for a walk around the old Tipplers resort which is desperately in need of repair and found out that Tipplers is to be sav
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To those friends and family that have been checking the web site I apologise for the lack blogs lately, what can I say it has been a hectic few weeks. Firstly we sold our old boat and my Nissan Patrol, we did not get what we wanted but at least they are gone and we have put some much needed funds into the bank. They both went to a lovely family from the NSW central coast and we hope that they enjoy the Searay as much as we did.  That happened on a Thursday the 14th of April and on the Friday a good mate of mine Andre rang me and said that the trip to PNG that he had bee
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Hello there Bloggers. I just want to give you an update on the documentary. We have Received the lovely support of Rode Microphone, who have generously provided us with 2 Lavalier Microphones and a Shot gun microphone, along with numerous accessories. I would like to thank Scott Emerson Very much for his support and generosity.                                                                               Without Rode's kindness our documentary could not be possible. I would also like to thank Canon for their support as we
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Hello all Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have been very busy and having lots of fun. - Fun things I’ve done in the past weeks:
  • Played with my cousins down at Pottsville in New South Wales and went to the beach with them.
  • I had a family dinner with my cousins on dads side at an Italian restaurant
I went to SeaWorld and....
  • I touched a stingray
  • I went on the Viking ride I didn’t think it would be scary but it sort of was because you go down like vertical
  • It sucked that I didn’t get to go on all the rides because we didn
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Good Morning Friends,     We have certainly had an eventful few weeks. Finally after waiting for the weather to clear, we made the sail to the wrecks at Tangalooma on Moreton island. The water was amazing for the first 2 days, Mac and I went kayaking all around the wrecks, and out into the waves and into one of the ships themselves, it was really cool! We eventually
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  Hello everyone, Well the real journey is about to begin................. We plan to start our trip up the East  Australian Coast  to the beautiful Whitsundays and beyond in the next couple of  weeks. Somerset Cat has been prepared withnew storm covers, a water catchment system to catch the rainwater, new shower pumps and tap ware (new shower heads for the girls and new mirrors, definitely a must have!!), the generator has had some  parts replaced and serviced, all the safety gear has been tested and upgraded when  needed, new hand held GPS for back up, Epirb
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Sam has been challenged quite a bit lately, as we have been moving back and forth between family, boat, friends, boat and back again. This has not been  particularly easy for him, as being Autistic means change is difficult, and altering routines can create anxiety, confusion and fear. Sam has been very good considering the unsettled environment at the moment. I find that Sam has days where his Autism is very noticeable, he tends to be in his own world, without much interaction and fiddles with his soft toys picking and pulling at them.  Then there are days where his is acutely aware of eve
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Well we finally managed to get back to Tangalooma after spending a      couple of days at a mates jetty in Cleveland. We moored close to the wrecks and the kids had a couple  of snorkels around the wrecks  and where freaked  out by all the fish that  surround you waiting for food. I went over for a swim with them and one  of the local tour guides came over and threw a slice of bread between as  all, the fish went crazy. It was a pretty wild having so many fish fighting  over the bread right in front of you. The guide said that if you hold the  bread between the palms
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Dunwich is a town located on the Western side of North Stradbroke Island.  The Island is located approximately one hour ferry ride from Cleveland, it is the second largest sand Island in the world and a very picturesque place.  North Stradbroke Island has a wealth of history, from the early settlers and the local Aboriginal tribes.  There are authentic Aboriginal art galleries and an interesting museum.  We took a stroll through the old cemetery and really felt connected with the early settlers and the hardships they faced, these stories told to us by the worn inscriptions on the tomb stones some as old as the early 1800’s. After some local fish and chips at the café we wandered into the Little Ships Club and enjoyed a few drinks, while looking at Somerset Cat at anch