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The last three weeks have been amazing. We headed north and spent 2 weeks at lizard island. The water was crystal clear and the sand very white!  We moored right in front of the big reef, we could literally jump off the back of the boat and go snorkelling around the coral.

It was a clam garden so we saw massive clams and hundreds of fish. The reef was mostly soft corals and lots of fish, clown fish, parrot fish, cod, and even some black tipped reef sharks!!

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Today was amazing! We went out to Low Isles, just off Port Douglas. Mac and I got into our snorkeling gear and jumped into the water. Before we knew it we were surrounded by Bat Fish!! And big ones!   Mum had been throwing bread around us!! We saw reef sharks and another massive fish... Of some sort, which was lerking around underneath the back of the boat. We snorkelled over some beautiful coral and saw 4 turtles!! We swam with them and I was videoing with the go pro. Mac even touched them! So cool! Will post some videos shortly!! :) Xxx
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Hello readers,   Sorry I have been slack with blogs recently. About three weeks ago I flew out of Rockhampton airport and arrived in Brisbane airport where Dave was waiting to pick me up and take me to the Gold Coast. We were invited to one of his school friends’ weddings the next weekend. It was a really great two weeks on the Gold Coast, I really enjoyed catching up with my friend Amelia, Going shopping, watching movies and baking :D While Dave was at work, I also spent a lot of time with his brother, Bucky which was great, we watched a “Heroes” marathon and hung out
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Morning everyone :) We have had a great few days at pancake creek, We have met quite a few boaties at the nightly campfires a few guys who were my age which was cool, Yesterday mackenzie and I Built a 2 seater couch out of sand and a couple of the guys we met helped us build it. last night we had a camp fire singalong which was sooo cool, we brought along all our instruments (tamborine, shakers, egg shaker, sticks, triangle and 2 guitars) we handed them around the group and brought our music. We sang "Im yours", "Follow me", "Forget you", "The Saga Begins" and a few more. It was a great night but im annoyed that my hair still smells like smoke though ahah. Im not aloud to have a shower and wash my hair until the next marina so Im struggling haha. We should be heading to G
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Hey everyone, The last week has been great. The weather has been prefect. Aside from no wind lol. But the water has been clear as glass. We are currently sailing along Fraiser Island. We have mored tonight in Wathumba Creek, on high tide the water was crystal clear and a sea turtle swam by the boat as a welcome. I threw the gopro camera at mac and he was swimming with the turtle and filming! It was awesome. We had to be careful on the beach because dingos were hanging around watching Casper on the boat. We are heading to some sand dunes Tomorow so hopefully the wind will be right for
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Hello readers,   I havent blogged in a while i know.. been a bit busy ... 3 weeks ago we left Gold Coast heading for Moloolaba, it was hard for me to say good-bye to all my friends and family down there, but it was hardest saying goodbye to David. We knew we weren't going to see eachother for at least 3 weeks, until our 1 year anniversary (28th May 2011). Its the longest we have been apart since he went to europe for 3 months in 2010. We said our goodbyes and headed to Moloolaba staying there for 2 days waiting for the right tides to cross the Noosa Bar, our next destination. We had a f
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Hello again, Well I have been very busy since I last posted. At college I studied documentaries and had to produce a documentary of my own. I decided to make a documentary on my family, dropping everything and selling everything they own to follow their dreams.  Pausing their normal life, picking up the family and going sailing. Since I finished my small assignment I have pitched the idea to all my teachers, friends and many people in the industry trying to get some interest. Turns out a lot of people want to hear our story. So yesterday I met with my producer Phoebe Hart and s
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I haven’t blogged in a while so I shall give you a little recap of my last couple of months. I graduated college at the end of last year, just before Christmas and since then the family  and I have been catching up with friends and family down here on the gold coast, some stuff on the boat needs some work and we are in the process of selling our cars. Over Christmas David and his brother joined our family for a big weekend at my  uncle’s house in sanctuary cove. Then Dave and I headed to Sydney for new years.  We stayed at his Auntie’s house fo
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(From Oct 2010).............. After spending 2 days moving house we packed our car load of gear and drove to Bundaberg. We unpacked our gear onto the boat, and began cleaning, the boat was a mess, although my family had already partly cleaned it when they last visited. We were planning on spending 2 days cleaning before we headed south to Mooloolaba. Unfortunately our plans were postponed because we had a horrible week of weather, Heavy rain and very high winds (Between 20 and 30 knots). So we hung at the marina for 5 or so days.  By being on the boat I missed picking up my boyfriend David from the airport. He has been in Europe and I haven't seen him for over 2 months! However I told him that sailing and my family were very important to me and he understood. The complications bega